Just as the leaves change in color
Vicki Jacobson | 20 Years old | Sweden

Musician/Singer, Photographer, Cosplayer and Explicit Nerd.

My Chemical Romance, Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter is my life.



instant ways to feel better/reduce anxiety right noW:

  • write down a list of your worries (this helps i swear on my life)
  • go wash your face
  • go put on comfy pjs
  • text that person you’ve been meaning to text
  • go sit outside for a minute
  • talk to someone, anyone
  • watch your favorite Youtuber
  • tell your mom you love her
  • listen to your favorite song
  • grab a lil snack, cutie
  • cuddle a pet or stuffed animal
  • think of times you’ve been happy
  • remember you’re good enough and every mistake can be fixed
  • i love you

New Song - "17" by Vicki Jacobson

First recording of my newest song “17”. I wrote this today and therefore may the vocals sound a bit insecure since I haven’t learn all the lyrics yet. I’m new to recording and mixing so don’t be to harsh! If you like it please REBLOG & LIKE!
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EMBRACE & SELFLOVE! ❤️ BE A QUEEN! 👑 A message for all you girls out there! You are beautiful! You are strong! You are a Queen! Love yourself and your body! There’s only one of you and no one can fill your place! You are amazing! Just take this day and stop the self hatred! Look at your body in the mirror and love it! Because it’s yours, and it’s you! Just for today, promise me that you’ll smile at yourself in the mirror! You are so pretty! I WANT YOU to be the Queen you were born to be! 👑😍 #love #selflove #inspo #queen #feminism #women #stop #selfhate #body #beautiful

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